April 2004 Updates

4.30.04 - Ranma PNG's

I added 17 new Ranma 1/2 pngs. This time I added some for some other characters, including Ms. Hinako, Nabiki, Nodoka, and Konatsu. As well plenty of images of Akane, Ranma, and group shots. Enjoy!

4.27.04 - Table layout tutorial

Since someone had asked for me to make a layout tutorial, I decided to add a tutorial on how to make a table layout. Hopefully it isn't too confusing. Anyways, enjoy it. There probably won't be any real updates for a while for the reason that I explained in my last post. Later! ^_^

4.21.04 - Three new layouts

Well, I've been getting requests for more variation in the Inuyasha layouts, so I made two new layouts. One features Kagura and the other features Miroku and Sango. They're both table layouts. I also added another new Midori no Hibi layout, it's a frames layout.

I will try to expand on the characters I use in my layouts, but don't expect many more new layouts for a few weeks. I'm studying for finals and the spring semester will be over by the second week of May. So if updates are sparce, that's why. Anyways, enjoy the new layouts!

4.16.04 - Five new layouts

I added two frames and one table layouts for Inuyasha. I also added two layouts for a new series, Midori no Hibi. It's a cute series and is very good for a pick-me-up. There's one frame and one table layout. Enjoy!

4.11.04 - New layout!

Yep, another new layout for the site. At least I kept the old one for over a month. I decided to give Takahashi another try at a main layout, and this is the result. The main image of Inuyasha is from the Wind soundtrack cover, and the sakura flowers and branch are from the 2004 Inuyasha calendar. I've never used Inuyasha as the main layout before and I'm more a fan of it's manga than anime, but I just liked the soundtrack's image so much that I wanted to use it. Yes, these are from my own scans.

There's no content updates today, but I'm probably going to upload some pngs before the end of the week. I also changed the guestbooks layout, so if you have the time you can sign it. Well, that's it for today. Bye!

4.7.04 - Two new Inuyasha layouts

I added two cute Inuyasha table layouts, enjoy!

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