April 2005 Updates

4.26.05 - New Layout...

The last layout was up only for a few weeks, but it just didn't grow on me. This layout features Riiko from Yuu Watase's Zettai Kareshi, with some abstract art I made and some brushes from The Magic Box for the background. I kinda copied myself here, as this layout is quite similiar to the one I'm using at thedbarchives.com. But I'm allowed to do that. ^_^

I also updated the Fullmetal Alchemist avatar section with twenty-eight new ones. 20 for Ed (14 colored, 6 black and white), 4 Miscellaneous (3 for Winry, 1 for Havoc), 2 for Groups, 1 for Hughes, and 1 for Mustang.

I also updated the Fullmetal Alchemist layout section with two layouts. Both feature Ed and Lan Fan from their fight in the manga and are frames and layers. I have never seen a layout featuring her, as she's a manga only character. Maybe I'll try to make one with Ling down the road. ;)

I'll update the current layout page with full details and credits for the new layout later on. Remember that if things look weird, refresh the page.

4.11.05 - Avatars and Pngs

I know I said I wanted to work on some non Fullmetal Alchemist stuff, but I had a bunch of cleaned images laying around. So, I converted them to pngs. There are now seven pngs for FMA, five of which are for the manga and two are for the anime.

I also added eight FMA avatars, five are for Ed (colored manga), one for the anime (Ed), and one group (Izumi and Sig being lovey-dubby). Three of the manga avatars were colored by me, they were not originally in color.

And I finally updated the past layouts and current layout pages. I had deleted the Black Cat layouts from the past layouts page for some reason, it's now listed there. The current layout page has full details for this layout now.

4.6.05 - One layout and a ton of avatars

I added yet another large batch of Fullmetal Alchemist avatars, 54 in total. Okay, here's the break down:

13 Ed (colored), 19 Ed (black and white)
3 Mustang
7 Groups (all Ed and Al as kids)
8 Miscellaneous (a few of Izumi, human Al, and one of Winry)
4 Animated

Pretty much all of these are from when Ed and Al trained with Izumi, and I also added some additional animated avatars. One is from the second movie trailer, so I hope it's not too spoilerish. My favorite would have to be Al's fan dance though.

I also added one FMA layout. It features a sketch of Ed doing a very high kick, and is manga style. I'm gonna try and work on some layouts for some other series, all I've been doing lately is FMA. Oh well, hopefully you like them. ^_^'

4.4.05 - New Layout

Yep, new site layout! I've been wanting to make a non-girly layout, and I think I finally succeeded. This layout features Edward Elric with his brother Alphonse in the background, from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. The image is from the Illustration collection for the series, and as usual the layout is tables and css. I also used some brushes from Insomniac Brushes.

I'm still not fully satisfied with the way I did the site title, but the layout has to have a certain width to accommodate the site's content. Also the header is a bit longer than I'd like, but that also has to do with the aforementioned reason. I'll update the current layout page with full details later on, and I'll probably get around to updating the site with some actual content.

Remember if things look weird, refresh the page. ;)

[edit] - shortened the header, not nearly as long now.

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