August 2005 Updates

8.23.05 - Cards'll be the death of you...

If I were to name this layout, that's what it would be. Added yet another skin, this time it's for D.Gray-man. I figured two flowery shoujo layouts were enough, so let's do some gothic-horror shounen this time, 'kay? ;)

I recently got into D.Gray-man, and I absolutely love it's art style (not to mention it's story). It has a very Halloween-esque atmosphere and at times reminds me of something from Tim Burton, but also reminds me of FMA (not in story or plot, just the general feel).

Anyway, the new layout features Allen Walker from the D.Gray-man manga with the forefront image from chapter forty-two and the other from chapter fifty-six. I hope that it's not spoilerly, I guess you'd have to have read the chapter to understand why he looks like that.

Full credits and details are on the current layout page, remember to refresh the page if things look odd. Just a note, but this is my favorite of the three skins. ^_^

As for a content update, I added seven pngs for D.Gray-man. It should be mentioned that they're all in black and white.

8.20.05 - Layouts and Avatars

Due to the lack of tables layouts and people's hints, I added two tables layouts. One is for the Fullmoon wo Sagashite manga and feautes Mitsuki and Eichi, and the other is in the various manga section for the Evangel manga and features Cadiz.

I also added ten avatars for Fullmetal Alchemist, including five for Ed (manga colored), two for Mustang (manga), one for Envy, one for the anime (Mustang), and one for miscellaneous (Winry). A good number of these are for chapter 50, I made a good number of bases for this chapter, so I'll be adding more later on.

As should be noted, these cannot be hotlinked (it's blocked!). I've been seeing a lot of people hotlinking them in my stats, and I don't know why. The images will appear broken, as is stated on the individual pages. I also saw somebody using my black & white avatars as bases, and then distributing them. If you do, then at least credit me for the base.

Also, the series that my avatar is from is my new manga love (D.Gray-man), so expect to see some graphics featuring it soon. ;)

8.14.05 - A few layouts

I've been kinda slow on content updates lately, sorry about that. I'll try and keep up on the site this fall.

Anyway, today I have three layouts. One is for the Bleach manga, and is frames/layers and features Ichigo. The other two layouts are for the Fruits Basket manga. One is layers/tables and features Kyoko, and the other one is frames/layers and features Hatsuharu and Rin.

I just noticed this recently, but all the layouts I've been making have been for manga. Actually, this is more of a free manga layout site, instead of anime.

8.7.05 - Skins

Yep, the return of skins to the site. I had said that I was thinking of doing a set, this time around I'm doing Watase Yuu. I'm planning on doing another skin, which will probably be another Genbu Kaiden, Alice 19th, or Imadoki layout. I'm not quite sure yet.

The new skin features Riiko and Night from the Zettai Kareshi manga (this image was a pain to extract), image is from Shoujo Magic. The background consists of some brushes from The Magic Box, and a flower png from Aethereality.

Orginally I had done the border in a golden yellow, but when I looked at it next to the content, it was blinding. I don't really like the way the gray looks, but it works better than the yellow.

As usual, full credits and details (as well as a copy of the source image) are on the current layout page. I should have some real updates not to far off.

[edit] - I added a comment script to the site, so now I can get some feedback from you guys. I'll see how well this goes and decide if I want to keep it within a week or so.

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