August 2006 Updates

8.27.06 - New Layout...and yes, more Clamp

I liked the last layout and all, but I grew tired of it very quickly. So, new layout. This one features Kamui and Mokona from chapter 126 of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga.

The scene where Mokona glomps Kamui and thanks him (and procedes to make him his new perch) was just too cute, so I colored the frame and made an icon out of it. I then took it one step further and decided to make a layout out of it.

So now my visitors will have to be killed by the cute that is my new Kamui x Mokona OTP, and stare at Mokona's butt until I change the layout again (or you can change skins). XD

My content update is all Tsubasa. Firstly, I added two layouts. One is tables and features Subaru and Yuuko, the other is frames/layers and features Kamui and Kurogane. I loved the fight scene between the two, so I wanted to make a layout out of it. This now brings the total number of layouts on the site to 201, a little milestone. ^_^

I also added twenty-seven avatars for Tsubasa. Two are of Seishirou, four are of Fai, five are of Kamui, two are of Kamui with Mokona, five are for Subaru, and nine of Kamui with Subaru. A lot of the Kamui and Subaru ones are variants of the chapter 126 title page that I had cleaned and colored for a wallpaper. I've been working on my coloring skills, and I hope it shows in these. Take note of the word "manga" in the title on the page, I will not be making any for the anime.

I should note that most of the avatars as well as one of the layouts could be considered as spoilers. The mere mention of Kamui with Subaru is one, but that's a bit unavoidable. You've been warned.

8.2.06 - ...and CLAMP yet again

Third update in a row with CLAMP content, oh well. Now I have four series on the site from them, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, and Tokyo Babylon. I must say, I like their darker series better. Which means I'm happy with the direction Tsubasa is going. ^_^

For the update, I added two layouts. One is for Tokyo Babylon featuring Sakurazuka Seishirou and is frames and layers. For a non-CLAMP layout, I added one for D.Gray-man featuring Allen and is frames and layers.

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