December 2004 Updates

12.31.04 - Some Goodies

This is the last update of the year isn't it? Well, I'm glad that 2004 is almost over with (hasn't really been a great year for me...). 2005 shall be better, I hope.

Anyway, here's some New Year Goodies for you guys. First, three layouts. One is for Cardcaptor Sakura, and is layers and frames. Another is for the Moon Phase manga, and is tables. The last layout is for the S+M manga, and is also tables. The last two layouts are on the various layouts page. Second, I added twenty-eight 100 x 100 avatars for the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.

I hope you guys have a fun and safe New Years, later! ^_^

12.19.04 - New Site Layout!

Yep, I finally changed the site layout. Since it's pretty much winter already, I decided to make a wintery layout. This layout features Icoro from the Kimi no Kakera manga by Shin Takahashi (the same guy that made Saikano), and as usual is tables and css. Full credits and details are on the current layout page. No other updates today.

On another note, I'm going out of town tomorrow for a few days, so don't email me until I'm back. ;)

12.10.04 - Another layout

Added yet again another Fullmetal Alchemist layout, this time it's one for the anime. Hope you guys like it! ;)

12.9.04 - One layout...

Added one Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) tables layout. Enjoy!

12.8.04 - Almost done with finals...

Almost done, so no updates today. Just making a note that I changed my email address (stupid spam...).

If you ever got an email that was spam or had a virus, and said it was from me, it wasn't. There's these assholes out there that mine peoples addresses and then spoof the addresses in the email header to make it look like it's being sent by people like me.

So, please take note of the new email addy if you've contacted me in the past about something. It shouldn't get mined thanks to some javascript. ;)

12.4.04 - o_O

Geez, almost a whole month with no updates. Well, I'm almost done with the fall semester, just have a few more things due and then finals start next week. Should be done in a little over a week.

Anyway, I have four new layouts for you guys. One each for Black Cat and Milk Crown, and also two for Fullmetal Alchemist (new series). All of these are from their respective mangas, no anime layouts this time. Enjoy! ;)

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