December 2005 Updates

12.31.05 - Happy New Year!

I'm sqeezing in one last update, which would be the fourty-third for the year. That's not that bad, I guess. A total of 15 layouts were used on the site this year, I have no idea of how many I added to the site though, but I think it's over forty.

For the update, I added one frames and layers layout featuring Badou from Dogs. I colored him so that you can tell he has red hair, which is kinda rare in manga (not many red heads, huh?).

It's called Crazy Smoker because when he lacks nicotine he kinda looses his mind (which people take advantage of to get him to fight). He's a funny charcter, so I hope to do some more layouts featuring him.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a Happy New Year. ^_^

12.25.05 - Tutorial and Layout

Yep, the Christmas update. The next update will probably be next year. I'll be out of town for about half the week, so I may not have any time to do anything.

Anyway, I added another tables tutorial. This one is basically a follow up to the previous two, but it covers how to make a simple two column layout. It's pretty basic. I might get into classes and tables down the road, but I don't have the patience for it at the moment.

I also added a tables layout for Dogs featuring Heine and Nill, so I'm finally incorporating some other characters....and that's it. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and all the other holidays. ^_^

12.17.05 - Another skin and layouts....

I think I've gotten over my slacking off on the site, I've made four layouts in two days. o_O

Firstly, I added a new skin to the site. This one features Heine Rammsteiner from the manga Dogs (Bullets and Carnage) by Miwa Shirow. Scans are from Manga Translation and the texture used is from Textura. I went back to a simple style for this one, I felt like having something neat and clean.

I started reading Dogs earlier this week, and it sucked me in (been a while since I've gotten into a shounen). I should warn those that might want to check it out, it's the equivalent of R or NC-17 (full frontal nudity, violence, etc.).

This series first came out back in 2001 and then took a four year hiatus, and then finally came back this year with new chapters. I was struck by something when I saw this page, doesn't Heine and Badou look a lot like Allen and Rabi from D.Gray-man (looks only, nothing else is similiar). Just thought I'd point that out. :P

Okay, enough of my ramblings. For the content update I added three layouts for Dogs. Two are frames and layers, and one is tables. All of them feature Heine, I'll try and do some for the other characters down the road.

...and that's about it. Hopefully you guys like them. Remember to refresh the page if things look funny. ^_^

12.15.05 - Avatars and a layout

I added twenty-seven new Fullmetal Alchemist avatars. Some are from chapters fifty-three and fifty-four, but most are from the 4koma book that came with the special edition of volume 12 (very nice, I recommend it). Since those are from gag comics, they're a little cracky.

Twelve are for Ed, three are for Mustang, four are for Groups, six are for Miscellaneous, and one each for Hawkeye and Envy. As should be noted, all new content is at the end of the page or on the last page.

I also added one layers/frames layout featuring Ritsuka from the Loveless manga.

12.9.05 - A few things...

Sorry about disappearing for almost a month, things got in the way. I had planned on updating before Thanksgiving, but I lost track of time before I went out of town. Anyway, here's a few things.

First, a new site layout. This one features Ritsuka from the Loveless manga. Yeah, it's shounen-ai, but I like it (it has a plot!). I used so many layers for this one that it isn't even funny, I really should name them.

Originally this was orange and red, but I decided to change it to blue. It looked autumn-ish before, now it looks like winter. Given that it's fricken cold outside (is it supposed to be in the 30's all day in south Texas?!), it feels appropriate. Full credit and details are on the current layout page. I also retired the D.Gray-man skins.

As for the update, I added 23 avatars for Loveless (I'll probably add some layouts for this series sometime), and one layout for the Fullmetal Alchemist manga featuring Winry and a kitten.

Speaking of FMA, I added scans for it's comic calendar over at TDBA as well (I think this is the last the calendars I'm scanning for this year). Well, that's it for now. I plan on updating quite a bit sooner than last time.

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