February 2006 Updates

2.16.06 - Some things...

Agh, Cutenews is giving me a headache. I updated it (you're supposed to, you know?), and now it's annoying me. Somehow or another, the auto archive was turned on, and my updates were sent to the archive (which I don't post on the site). So I had to go and fix that.

Also for some reason after you comment you're sent to a page without the comments, even though they are posted successfully. If you comment, just click on Updates to come back to the main page and view your comment.

I know I missed Valentines Day, but I just couldn't come up with anything. I do have some things today. Firstly, two layouts for Loveless. One features Soubi, Yuiko, and Ritsuka in a strawberry patch; and is tables. The other one is tables and layers and features Ritsuka, it's rather small though. Both of which are for the manga.

I also added forty-four avatars for the Dogs manga. I had been meaning to add avatars for this series a while back, but things kept getting in the way. There are ones for Heine, Badou, Nill, Mimi, and Bishop. They are from both the first volume and Bullets and Carnage.

2.12.06 - Two layouts and Avatars

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been having some serious drive/inspiration issues. Just haven't felt like doing anything lately, so I didn't update for while. Not feeling like doing anything is bloody annoying, to say the least.

I'm going to try and update not that far off, and maybe even add some stuff for Valentines Day. I need to make a new layout for the site sometime. -_-'

Anyway, I added two new layouts. One is tables for the Fruits Basket manga, featuring Hatsuharu. The other one is also tables, and features Hagu-chan from the Honey and Clover manga (...enjoy my wonderful coloring skills. >_>). I don't think I've ever looked like that after I've woken up, seriously. Since I had made a layout for this series before, but had placed it in the various manga section, it now has it's own section.

I also added twelve avatars for the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. Six are for Ed (colored), four are for Groups, one for Mustang, and one for Arakawa (miscellaneous). Eight of them are from chapter 56 (including the shower scene)...no spoilers, and the rest are from omakes or other sources.

Speaking of Honey and Clover, I had started reading it's manga around a year ago, and finally started watching the anime. It's pretty good, in my opinion.

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