January 2006 Updates

1.23.06 - ...two more layouts

I think I work better when I have a regular sleep pattern, which wasn't the case for me when I was a teenager. By the way, I'm twenty-two. I don't think I've mentioned how old I was on the site before. A lot of these graphic sites are run by kids, aren't they?

Anyway, enough of my rambles. I added two layouts. One a tables layout for Cafe Kichijouji which features Minagawa, Jun, Shuuta, and Maki. The other one is a tables layout for the FMA's manga and features Ed and Al.

I had been planning on making some avatars, but I never got around to even making my bases. I'll try to have some up for the next update, whenever that'll be. Oh yeah, thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it. ^_^

1.15.06 - A few things...

First and foremost, I added two new layouts for FunFun Factory and Cafe Kichijouji, both of which are frames and layers. Each of these series had a single layout in the various manga series section, but now I have moved them to their own sections.

I also went through my old layouts and optimized their images, thus making the layouts file size smaller. This is something I had started back in July, but never finished.

When I first started this site I didn't know about image optimization, so the file sizes were quite big (sometimes over 300 kb!). So now most of them are below 100 kb, which is the largest I like to have a layout's size. I optimized all or most of the layouts for the Cardcaptor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, Ayashi no Ceres, Chobits, FLCL, Inuyasha, Midori no Hibi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Saikano, and Marmalade Boy sections, totaling in 76 layouts fixed.

Now at least they're up to my size preferences. Although I must say that majority of those layouts suck, but people still download them regardless. o_O

1.4.06 - It's now January...

...so this is the first update of 2006. Firstly, I applied another skin. The general layout is the same as the prior skin before this one, but this time it's more blue and gray, plus it's rather grungy.

Again it features Heine from Dogs and uses a texture from Textura. Although I took a texture, cut it up, and layered it around 5 times with different filters, and let things fall where they may. The image is again from MT. I had to redraw quite a bit of it to get rid of speech bubbles.

I also added five png's for Dogs, all of which feature Heine. One of them was used on this layout. I'll be adding some for Badou, Nill, and probably others down the road....and that's it.

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