July 2005 Updates

7.27.05 - New Layout

Yep, new site layout. This is the second layout for a Watase Yuu work (last one was Zettai Kareshi), this one features Takiko and Rimudo from the Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden manga.

I used some brushes from the The Magic Box and a scan from Shoujo Magic, plus a bunch of filters and overlays. As usual, the layout is coded in tables and css. I love to use tables for my main designs (I've never used anything else...), but they can be quite a maze.

I think I may make a set of skins this time around and leave this layout up for quite a bit. Depends on if I find enough inspiration.

Anyway, now on to the content update. I added two new table layouts, of which I'm trying to make more of (lately I've been making too many layer/frame layout).

One features Komomo and Subaru from the Watashi no Ookami-san manga. I really like this series, it's a short two volume manga by Cocoa Fujiwara, but is rather cute and humorous. The second layout features Yume from the Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsuna Koto (Someday's Dreamers) manga, which can be found in the Various Manga layout section of the site.

Well, hope you guys like the update. Remember to hit F5 if things look odd. ^_^

7.19.05 - ...and some more Furuba

Where I live is getting pelted by hurricane Emily's feeder bands, so I hope my power doesn't go out, otherwise I won't be able to get any work done. The storm is going to hit around 300 or more miles south of me, but we're still getting hit by it's squalls. >_>

Anyway, two new Fruits Basket layouts. One is frames and layers and features Tohru and Kyou, the other is tables and frames and features Rin, both of which feature artwork from the manga. As should be noted, Rin is a manga only character.

7.2.05 - More Furuba

I really like this series, now I see why the manga sells so well. ^_^

Anyway, I added two more Fruits Basket layouts, both of which are frames and layers with no navigation (I need to stop doing that...). One features Tohru with some daisies and is really brightly colored, and the other layout features Tohru and Kyou with a more mellow red and pinkish tints.

This one also features the text behind the image technique (I wish I knew what this is called!).It works in Mozilla and IE, but I know it does not work properly at all in Opera. Oh well, better than nothing I guess.

I'm also slowly going back and fixing a lot of my old layouts. When I first started the site I wasn't that great at this, and I didn't know about image optimization. Pretty much all new additions are under 100 KB, but there's quite a few old layout that are over 200KB! So, I'm going back and optimizing and also recoding some of the old layouts (some of the coding was really sloppy). I'm hoping to get it finished in a week or so, it's just taking a while.

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