July 2006 Updates

7.17.06 - More CLAMP

I'm on a CLAMP kick, current muse right now I guess. I finally caved read some more of their series (mainly some of their older works), and I'm hooked at the moment.

For the update I added two layouts for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, both of which feature Tsubasa!Kamui. One is tables and the other is frames and layers. I think quite a few Syaoran fans probably hate Kamui, but that can't be helped much.

On another note, I was watching the "Clamp in Wonderland" little short, and I must say that the part where Hokuto flattens Seishirou with a giant mallet just kills me. Screenies here, here, and here. Gotta love her. XD

7.13.06 - New Layout and a few things

In my last update I said it wouldn't be that long before an update and I ended up going over a month without one, oops. Anyway, I'm adding a good amount of content today.

Firstly, retired the Dogs skins (they'd been up since the beginning of the year), and added a new layout. This one features Sumeragi Subaru from X (he's also from Tokyo Babylon and soon to be Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle...whenever he wakes up).

This layout took more time to make than it should have, this is actually the third version of it. First I had to extract Subaru, which was a full body shot in the original with sakura petals all over the place (when I didn't even use a quarter of the image). The background is actually a blood smear courtesy of Seishirou from another image, but I just used the blood instead of him.

This image is from the later part of X (right before they put it on a long hiatus), where they redid Subaru's hair, and I must say that he looks more like he did in Tokyo Babylon. Scans are from Aethereality. So now there are two CLAMP skins, one for X and XXXHOLiC. The two characters are connected, as Yuuko had said that she knew Subaru when his was little. I may do another skin for one of their series down the road to make a full set, we'll see.

Okay, enough of my rambles and on to the content update, I added three layouts for Tokyo Babylon. One is frames and layers and features Subaru, another is tables and features Subaru again, and finally another tables layout that features Seishirou and Subaru. That's it for now, I plan on adding more fairly soon. ^_^

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