June 2004 Updates

6.28.04 - Guess what today is...

The site's first birthday! Yep, one year and it's still here. As a present of sorts, I added four new layouts. One for chobits and three for Kodocha. I would have done more but I've been busy. Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

6.17.04 - New Layout!

Well, I got over my inability to make a new layout for the site. The new layout is obviously blue and features Chise from Saikano. I really love this series, so I decided to make a layout of it (the manga's gonna be released in english next month! ^_^). I'm still working out it's bugs, so please pardon anything that's not quite right.

No real updates to the site other than the new layout, I will be updating the site within a week or so. Anyways, enjoy the layout. I also changed the guestbooks layout, so sign it if you have the time. ;)

If things look funny, refresh the page (F5).

6.15.04 - One new layout

I added one new tables Cardcaptor Sakura layout.

Blah, I need to make a new layout for the site. This one's been up for two months now, which I should mention is a record for this site. I don't know what series I want to use or a color scheme, it will be tables and php like all the past layouts. I'm just kinda stumped when it comes to ideas at the moment. Anyway, enjoy the Cardcaptor Sakura layout. ;P

6.13.04 - Abstract Art

Yeah, abstract art. Pity my attempt at it! Anyways, hopefully you guys like it. There's seven of them, so enjoy! ;P

6.10.04 - Five new layouts

Yep, five new ones. Three for Kodomo no Omocha and two for a new series. This one isn't anime, it's Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyways, enjoy!

6.5.04 - One layout and 15 avatars...

I added a new series to the site, Kodomo no Omocha (or Kodocha for short). For that new series I put up 15 avatars and one layout. I will be making more soon. Enjoy! ^_^

6.2.04 - Past Layouts

I added a section that looks at the past layouts for the site. Now you can see what the site used to look like. ^_^

I am working on some more layouts, which I hope the have online within a few days.

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