June 2005 Updates

6.28.05 - Two years

Yep, today is the sites second birthday. Happy to say I'm still here. ^_^

Anyway, today I have two layouts for a new series, Fruits Basket! One is tables and features Kyou and Kagura, and the other is a layers and frames layout that features Hatsuharu. Both are for the manga, as I haven't seen it's anime yet.

I recently got into this series, and I must admit it's completely different from what I had thought from reading about it. It's so much darker than I thought it would be, doesn't feel like shoujo at all.

Oh well, that's it for today. I'm going to try and add some more layouts not too far off.

6.21.05 - A ton of FMA

This is a very Fullmetal Alchemist heavy update.

First, new site layout. This layout took me forever to get right, I've been tweaking it on and off for a couple days now. The layout features Edward Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga (chapter 43), and is a bit of a contradiction.

The colors are all bright and cheerful, but the image is sad. I'll say he's not crying, but came to a terrible revelation and is being rained on (can't say what, it's a major spoiler). The layout uses brushes from The Magic Box and a texture from Hybrid Genesis. As usual, the layout is coded in tables and css. It's yet another layout with the character facing horizontally.

Next I added one tables layout for the FMA manga (features Ed and his father), as well as 19 avatars.

Remember to refresh the page is things looks weird. ^_^

6.16.05 - Another Layout

I added another layout to the Various series section, this one is from Angel Love Song manga one shot by Furumiya Kazuko. This is a cute little one shot and I can't really find any other series from this mangaka, which is a shame because I like the style.

Also, my host had this double bandwidth/storage special so I now have a ton of resources. I have no idea what to do with the extras yet, but I can say no hosting for now.

6.11.05 - A layout

Man, things just keep getting in the way of me getting any work done. First I had to go out of town last week, and I can say the trip sucked. Then a few days after I get back I finally see my cat and he got into a fight which resulted in a nickel to quarter size hole in the back of his neck. So that took $154 to stitch up yesterday. So far this summer has sucked.

Anyway, I added another layout. This one is from the manga series Honey and Clover, format is layers/frames/iframes, and is titled Lazy Summer Day in the Various layout section (as I doubt I'll make another layout for this series).

That should be it for today, I really need to start making table layouts again.

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