Using Layouts Guide

Not very familiar with how to use a layout? I'm going to show you how to get the files out of the zip file, edit them, and then what to do after that. If you don't know a thing about html codes, I suggest you visit and read up. To successfully run a website, you need to be familiar with html. Using a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor will only get you so far (ex. Frontpage, Geocities Site Builder).

First, your going to need decompressor program. The most commonly used program is Winzip, but I suggest Ultimate Zip. This is what I'm using for this tutorial. You'll also need a text editor, Notepad is fine.

All of my files will decompress into a folder named exactly the same as the zip file if you choose 'extract to here'. You don't need to specify a folder for all of the zip contents, it'll do this on it's own. There is also no password required. Just right click on the downloaded zip file, and select 'extract to here', like below. I'm using my Black Cat 'Patience' layout as an example.

Now, open the folder that is created. There will be a html file (there may be more than one), a css document, some image files, and a README.txt file. Read that file for basic instructions. Now, right click on which ever html file you want to edit, and click on 'edit'.

Now, there's only a few places where you need to edit. The title area is not marked with 'comment' codes, but I think it's rather obvious that it's not necessary to point out in the code. There are 'comment' codes, or notes at the areas where you need to edit for your content and navigation. The below image highlights them.

Just edit between the notes, and leave the credits alone where they are. Here are some basic codes that are used in coding. If you need a line break, type <br>. To bold a text use <b>Text</b>, italics are <i>Text</i>, and underline is <u>Text</u>. There's more of this in the basic tags and codes tutorial, read up more there.

Now, after following all the directions that are included with your layout, and editing your files, you need to upload. I'm not going to go into detail about that, because your website's host should have instructions on this. Just make sure to upload all of the files that are in the zip file, your edited files, to your host. Don't direct link any of the files from my site. This is where, for example, and image hosted on my site is displayed on your site. Don't have your files source like this <img src="">. I will know that you did this, and will report you to your host. I have direct linking blocked, so the image will not display in the first place.

Well, I hope that this helped some of you that are clueless about all of this. ;)

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