March 2004 Updates

3.30.04 - Bebop

I finally added some more Cowboy Bebop layouts! They're both table layouts. I'm going to be adding some more layouts and png's either later today or tomorrow. Enjoy the layouts. ^_^

3.25.04 - Credits and Links

Just a note that I updated the credits and links pages. I'm gonna sort through my layouts some more to make sure I haven't left out any brush sites in the credits page. Remember if you don't see your link on the credits page, the link is definately on the layout.

I'm hoping to have some more layouts up soon, and I'm also working on some more png's. I'm gonna push myself to work on some other things as well. Well, that's it for today.

3.21.04 - Four new layouts

I added four new layouts, three for Ranma and one for Chobits. I may add some more later, but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, enjoy the layouts! ;)

3.20.04 - Some more png's!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Anyways, I added 7 new Ranma 1/2 png's. I'm going to be adding some more layouts probably in a few days. Oh well, enjoy the png's. ^_^

3.10.04 - Two new layouts!

I added two new Cardcaptor Sakura layouts, one frames and one tables. Enjoy!

3.8.04 - Just a note...

Just a note that the topsite is back up, you can now vote!

3.5.04 - Three new layouts!

I added three new layouts. One for Rurouni Kenshin and two for Inuyasha. Enjoy!

3.4.04 - More PNG's

I added 7 new pngs for Ranma 1/2. I also split the section into pages, so now there's 10 pngs per page. I will probably be doing that to all sections on the site, but not at the moment. Remember, all new material is at the bottom of the page or on the last page!

3.3.04 - New layout...

I know I just changed the top image a couple days ago, but I was bored and made a new layout. Sadly, I reverted back to FLCL again, but it's okay. The lyrics in the layout are from Call Me Call Me, by Yoko Kanno (not like they're completely readable in the layout...). It's one of my favorite songs and I felt like including it, you can read the full song lyrics by clicking [here]. The image in the layout is from the second o.s.t. for FLCL (Pirate King).

There's no real updates for today, but I am working some more PNG's and layouts. I'm hoping to have them online in a few days. Also, I did change the guestbook's layout. Feel free to sign it before you leave.

One other thing, I know that the topsite isn't working. They're having some problems with their host and should be up and working again in a few days.

3.1.04 - It's March!

It's March and I changed out the top image for the site's layout. It's a bit smaller than the old one and still features the Ranma 1/2 manga. This time it's more spring-like and features P-chan's mark. No real updates at this moment. Later!

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