March 2006 Updates

3.29.06 - A layout

I've been slacking on updates a bit, haven't I? I'm working on a new layout for this site, but I'm hitting a few walls so it's taking longer than I'd like. It may or may not be up before April. As for the update, it's rather small, but it's better than nothing.

I added one layer and frames layout for the Bleach manga featuring Ichigo. It's rather dark, which is a rarity for layouts on this site. Hopefully you guys like it. ^_^

3.2.06 - Dogs and more....

Firstly, new layout. This one is much in the same line as the previous two, I retired the Loveless skin.

Again it features Heine Rammsteiner from the Dogs: Bullets and Carnage manga and uses a texture from Textura, it's definately the most colorful of the three skins. The background is from a frame in chapter three, and the foreground image is from chapter one of Bullets and Carnage. You can find a png for it in the png section.

For the next part of the update, I added thirteen pngs for Dogs. Most of them feature Heine, but I did add one for Naoto and some with both Heine and Badou. I'm going to add some for Badou, Naoto, and other characters in the future. At the moment, there's too many of Heine.

I also added one layout featuring Agatsuma Soubi from the Loveless manga. For some reason I haven't been able to make a layout featuring him yet, so here's one.

...and for something extra, this relates to both Dogs and Loveless. I found the special edition for volume 6 of Loveless online, and there were two illustrations in there I want to point out. The first one is done by Miwa Shirow of Soubi and Ritsuka, and there's another with Soubi and Badou touching cigarettes by Kouga Yun. I had noticed a link to Kouga Yun's site on Miwa Shirow's site a while back, but I didn't know they had an actual connection. ^_^

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