November 2003 Updates

11.30.03 - Another new layout

Added one more new layout. This time it's for another new series, Maison Ikkoku. The series isn't new, but it is to the site. If you Inuyasha fans didn't know, this was also done by Rumiko Takahashi. Three Takahashi series on the site so far. ^_^


11.29.03 - Four New layouts

I added four new layouts today, including a new series! Three for Inuyasha and one for Cowboy Bebop. The Bebop layout is a Halloween layout, so it's a little late. I guess it'll be up for next year.

Now there is a total of 31 layouts. I'm going to work on some more layouts today. I have a couple for Saikano, but I haven't coded them yet. I need to write some more tutorials and maybe add some different kinds of graphics. I might open of submissions for people to submit their own graphics. Oh well, enjoy the layouts!

11.21.03 - New forum layout

No real update, but I did update the forum's layout. Click here to view it.

11.16.03 - Saikano layout

I added another Saikano layout. This one is a tables and iframes layout. Enjoy!

11.14.03 - New site layout

Yep, a new site layout. This time is a red/pinkish layout, and it still features Haruko from FLCL. I like using her on this site's main layout. I've seen a ton of graphic sites using cutesy, giant eyes, sickenly sweet, anime characters. She's the complete opposite of that. This pic is from the early designs for the characters. I like it. ^_^

I've gotten a bit more of a drive for making layouts currently, so maybe updates will be more active. Updates on this site will rely upon my drive to work. I really need to promote this site some more, maybe I'll work on that this weekend. Oh well, enjoy those last few layouts I posted yesterday.

Edit - Oh yeah, I changed the Guestbook layout. It's now in the main layout within an iframe. If it bothers those with 800 x 600 resolutions, just hit F11. That should solve any problems. ^_^

11.13.03 - Three new Saikano layouts

Exactly what the title says, I added three new Saikano layouts. All of them are from the manga. You can find them by clicking here.

11.2.03 - New tutorial

Added a tutorial for basic html tags and codes. I'm working on some more layouts.

On a different note, Saikano just got licensed by Viz. They licensed both the anime and manga. That means that the site I posted for translations has pulled the plug on it. Now I have to wait a whole year to finish it, oh well.


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