October 2004 Updates

10.29.04 - Halloween Layout

I applied a Halloween themed layout to the site, it features several characters from the Black Cat manga. I had gotten my Matatabi character/illustration books for the series yesterday, and it had a Halloween themed image. So, I scanned it and skinned the current layout with it.

I would love to thank whoever at Adobe thought of the Clone Stamp Tool, it's a big help in cleaning up images (the top image was two images at one time...). Anyway, the layout will be up until Monday, then the previous layout wil return. >:P

10.21.04 - Two Layouts

I added two new layouts to the site. One for Black Cat and one for Yamato Gensouki. Yamato Gensouki is by the same artist as Black Cat and has very good art. Sadly, it's only a two volume series, and ends kinda abruptly. Oh well, enjoy the layouts. ^_^'

Oh yeah, I added a Paypal donate button. If you like the site, and have a few bucks in your account, feel free to donate if you want. All donations will go towards supporting the site. Thanks!

10.19.04 - A Guide...

I added a guide for those of you that are clueless of what to do after you download the zip file containing a layout. Hopefully this'll clear up some things for those of you that are new to this website thing. ;)

10.15.04 - Layouts and Super Deformed Chibi's

Yes, this is the same character that's used on the site layout.

Yay, layouts! I added 4 new layouts for Black Cat, one of which has to be the most bandwidth friendly layout I've ever made, 25 kb! I like the way it turned out, it's fairly simple (just Train on a traffic light holding a gun).

I also added 21 png's for Black Cat. Three of them depict the characters in normal form, but the other 18 depict almost all of the characters in super-deformed mode. Quite cute.

Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

10.13.04 - A tutorial!

It's been a while, but I actually wrote a tutorial. I had said that I was going to write a tutorial on that text behind image technique, and I did. I don't know the name of the technique, so I made up a name. If you know the name, please tell me!

Anyway, hopefully it isn't confusing. If anything, you'll at least get the idea of how it's done. Well, that's it for today. ;)

10.10.04 - I've been slacking off, haven't I?

It's been almost three weeks since I last updated, sorry about that. School's been being a pain, as well as a lack of inspiration. Both of which equal unproductive site work. I have been doing some requests though, so it's not like I abandoned the site. ;)

Anyway, onto the update. There's only one, and that's the new site layout. I liked the Kanon one and all, but I got tired of having a girlish layout. So this time, it's Train Heartnet from Black Cat. Black Cat is a manga by Yabuki Kentaro, and is one of my faves. It has a good story and great art, and is pretty damn good. I'm not going to go into a full blown description of the series, you can read it to find out for yourself. I should note that it hasn't been licensed or made into an anime. There's full details and credits on the Current Layout page.

I'm hoping to make some updates this week, but it all depends on school. Oh yeah, if you're going to make a request, I suggest you do it on either a Thursday or Friday. I won't get to work on anything until the weekend.

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