Past Layouts - 2004

This is the page where you can see what this site used to look like, and also how it's grown over the years.

Now, I must admit that I haven't been very good at keeping track of my past layouts. I didn't take a screenshot of my past layouts while they were being used. So I've had to sort through my old files and make thumbnails of those layouts, I'm hoping I've put them in the correct order. I'm not posting layouts that I used before I made the site public. Oh well, here we go. ^_^

[2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003]

Layouts are sorted from earliest to latest.

The first non-FLCL layout. This one features several scenes from the Ranma 1/2 manga. I love the Ranma manga (and Takahashi in general), so I wanted to incorporate it into the site. ^_^

I returned to FLCL again with this one, but this time no Haruko. I used Mamimi from the Pirate King O.S.T.

This was my first Inuyasha layout that was used on the site. It was one of my favorites and lasted quite a long time, just a little over two months!

This was my first Saikano layout, and was one of my favorites. This one lasted from June 17, 2004 - August 23, 2004, and was a tables/css layout. This was also the first layout that had someone steal it and butcher it (I got their site deleted). >:)

This is a tables/css layout that features Kanon from the Kanon manga by Chiho Saito. It was used from August 23, 2004 through October 10, 2004.

Brushes used on the layout were from Insomniac Brushes. IB doesn't exist anymore, click here to go to the creators main site.

This was the first set of skins I used on the site. The format for all of them was tables and css and featured the Black Cat manga by Yabuki Kentaro.

The main image used on the grayscale layout is from the intro image for volume 7, and some brushes from Hybrid-Genesis. The versions featuring Train and Saya, and also the Halloween layout were made with my own scans and didn't feature any brushes.

This is a tables and css layout that features Icoro from the Kimi no Kakera manga by Shin Takahashi. As usual the site is coded in html and php.

I love the art of Kimi no Kakera (Shin Takahashi's work in general), so I wanted to use it in a layout for the site. Since it's winter, I thought I'd make a wintery layout.

The image used in the layout is from the second volume cover and is from I used some color and blending effects, but not too much has changed from the original.

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