Here are some png image files for you to use in the creation of graphics. PNG's are essentially high quality transparent gifs, they make a nice replacement for psd's. It's pretty easy to use these in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

All files are compressed into a zip file. I suggest Ultimatezip to unzip them (it's free!), but you can also use Winzip if you prefer.

If you use these you must link back to this site. Some of these took a long time to clean up and required multiple touch-ups. Thank you!

Dogs [18]
D.Gray-man [20]
Fullmetal Alchemist [7]
Black Cat [21]
Milk Crown [10]
Cowboy Bebop [2]
Cardcaptor Sakura [4]
Ranma 1/2 [48]
Inuyasha [11]
Ayumi Hamasaki [4]

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