September 2006 Updates

9.15.06 - Tables and Clamp

Since people complain about me making iframe layouts, and I don't really like divs, you're going to get tables from me. I'm a tables whore, so sue me. This update is all Clamp.

I added three new layouts, all of which are tables. Firstly, one featuring Ame-Warashi from the xxxHolic manga (includes a matching icon). Her hair is blue instead of red because I'm going by the colors used in the manga, it's more appropriate anyway (she is "The Child of the Rain").

Next I added one for the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga featuring Kamui and Subaru from the chapter 126 splash page, this one required a ton of cleaning. Lastly, I added one layout for the X manga featuring Kamui and Yuzuriha. It's actually a happy layout, which is a rariety for X.

The xxxHolic and Tsubasa layouts were colored by me, while the X one was already colored (just needed quite a bit of leveling). That's it, enjoy the layouts! ^_^

9.5.06 - Tsubasa's evil sister

I'm finally getting around to adding some content for xxxHolic after I've had a skin on the site for months...I'm slow, so sue me.

Anyway, added one tables layout that features Watanuki from the xxxHolic manga (chapter 104's title page). It involved a lot of cleaning and some coloring, but that's what I get for using non-cleaned magazine raws as my base. The original image had both Watanuki and Doumeki together, but I ended up cutting out Doumeki for space.

I've been a fan of xxxHolic much longer than Tsubasa, but I haven't felt graphically inclined to do anything with it. I'll try and change that, there's hardly any layouts for the series out there. On the topic of xxxHolic, I can't wait until Wednesday. Clamp left off for two weeks with that cliff hanger at the end of chapter 116. That group of women are evil, I tell you. >_>

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