Terms of Use

Here are the terms that you must agree to abide if you use my services. Failure to do so will will result in your site being blacklisted and you will be reported to your host.

Please read the terms for each graphic type.


  • These layouts are to be used for non-profit sites only.
  • A link back to my site must be somewhere on your site, where people can access it. I don't want it hidden. It has to be visable and the link must work!
  • Don't claim that you made any of these layouts, and try and pass it off as your work.
  • If I have used a brush on a layout and it is credited, you must leave that credit there. It's not my fault if you remove it and the brush creator sues you.
  • I am not responsible if any of these files downloaded do damage to your computer.
  • You may not modify the code and pictures and pass the layout off as if you created it. Credit is still required.
  • You may modify the images to fit your site (ie add your site title).
  • You may not redistribute any part of my site on yours. This includes graphics, layouts, tutorials, codes, everything! Please just provide a link to this site for your visitors to browse on their own.
  • You may not use my main layout. Only layouts in the layout section are allowed to be used.
  • You may not direct link any files from my site to yours. This is bandwidth theft and is strictly prohibited. You can't direct link anyways, I have it blocked. This will result with your site covered in lot's of annoying red X's. :P
  • If you're using my layouts, you may not have a site that includes illegal material (ie bootlegs, pirated material, hacks, etc.).

Abstract Art

You can use these in the making of layouts and such, just don't use them in wallpapers. You can use them for wallpapers on your computer, but not for wallpaper redistribution. Also, please don't redistribute these. If you want to provide abstract art for your site visitors, either link back to here or make your own.

If you use these in the making of a layout or something along those lines, you must link back to my site. Since these were made by scratch, they are copyrighted to me.


Png's take quite a while to make, and majority of them on the site are from my own scans. If you use them you must link back to my site. Also, you may not redistribute these in the png format. If you convert them to jpgs and add them to a gallery, that's alright. Just don't add them to your own png resource. ^_^


You can use them freely on messageboards, but if you use them on on website please link back to my site in your credits. Also, do not redistribute them in your own avatar resource!


You may take the knowledge from my tutorials, but you may not copy them. These were all written by me, so if you copy you will be plagerizing.

That's it. If I think of more I'll add them. Enjoy!
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